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「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster
「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster
「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, 「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster

「Splatoon」Original Soundtrack CD with Nintendo Store Exclusive Poster

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The latest hit tune from the squid and octopus world is here.

A 4-disc set of original soundtracks featuring music from the game software "Splatoon 3" for Nintendo Switch(TM)!
"Clickbait", the representative song of the three-piece band "C-Side" that represents the Bangkala region, and the rock band "Front Roe", which suddenly jumped to the front row of the hit charts, and the band "Busy・Tentacles" produced by themselves. Vacation feat. Tentacles” and other bands that liven up the territorial battle, and the festival number “Bantaku Mix Modern” by the mischievous bad boy trio “Surimi Rengo” that colors the festival. It is a large volume album of 4 discs containing plenty of popular songs in the world.

In addition to the songs of Hero Mode, Salmon Run, and Nawa Butler, as bonus tracks, the PV version of "Splattack!" when the ban on "Splatoon 3" was released, and "Clickbait" and "Paintscraper" by "C-Side" demo sound sources are also included. . In addition, all the live sound sources of Surimi Union and Shio Colors, including MC, are recorded at "Banka Live" held at "Nintendo Live 2022" in October 2022. A total of 147 tracks including new sound effects and jingles carefully selected by the development staff, and a total recording time of over 300 minutes.

The booklet contains the album jacket of each artist. As special content, there is also a music discussion by Hotaru, Iida, and Mantaro, a tweet from Beika, the bass vocalist of "C-Side", and an article that approaches the secret of the topical band "Front Roe"is the artist name.

[Disc 1]
01.Opening / C-Side
02.Clickbait (Rehearsal Studio Jam) / C-Side
03.Clickbait / C-Side
04.Headhammer / C-Side
05.Triple Dip / C-Side
06 .Paintscraper / C-Side
07.Splattack! / C-Side
08.Now or Never! / C-Side
09.Rinse/Repeat / C-Side
10.Learning Curve / C-Side
11.Sea Me Now / Front Roe
12 .Sandy Side Up/ Front Roe
13. Zengen Tekkai / Busy Vacation feat.Tentacles
Saitan Kero / Busy Vacation

feat. to town
18. Bankara Town Tour
19. Dripping with Style / Seven Seas Crew
20. Item Get
21. Kagaya Kundes March 24h / Kumasan Shokai
22. Plaster / ω-3
23. Ensemble / ω-3
24. Ryuketsu / ω-3
25 .Salmon Run Success Jingle Part 1 / Kumasan Shokai
26.Salmon Run Failure Jingle / Kumasan Shokai
27.Undunne / ω-3
28.Salmon Run Success Jingle Part 2 / Kumasan Shokai
29.Salmon Run Success Jingle Part 3 (Okashiramae ) / Kumasan Shokai
30. Gaga / ω-3
31. Salmon Run Success Jingle Part 4 (After Okashira) / Kumasan Shokai
32. Hitochi / ω-3
33. Bank Radio (Big Run) / Kumasan
Shokai 34. Exaggeration (mutation) / ω-3
35. Exaggeration / ω-3
36. Not Bad / Kumasan Shokai

[Disc 2]
01. Atarime no Theme
02. Crater
03. Crater Eighters Routine / OCTOTOOL
04. Mission Clear! (Crater) / OCTOTOOL
05. I'm Octavio (F34RME Remix) / DJ Octavio
06.New! Encounter with Karasutonbi Unit
07.Sandcastles / Stars in the Deep
08.Sudden Depth / Mimicry
09.Two Shadows in the Sun / Wash Out
10.Dead Sea / Firefly
11.Whirlpool Tune / On the Clock
12.Hyper Diver / Anxiety Society
13. Alternative Citizen Program M-01: Standard Course (Asagiri Coastline)
14.Nine out of Tension / MOF8
15.Underwater Neon / MOF8
16.Flop to It / MOF8
17.Tacozones Rendezvous / OCTOTOOL
18.Alterna Citizen Program M-02: Challenge Course (offshore at dusk)
19.Smoke and Mirrors / MOF8
20.Ride or Fry / MOF8
21.With Flying Colors / MOF8
22.Seep & Destroy / MOF8
23.Marine Machines / MOF8
24.# 35 Caught / MOF8
25.Don't Flinch / MOF8
26.Mission Clear!(Alterna)
27. Get Jingle (Alternate)
28. Get Jingle (Gold Disc)

[Disc 3]
01. Theme of Surimi Alliance / Surimi Alliance
02. Alterna Citizen Program M-00: Init (Test Noise)
03. Shocking Ground Gonta Cray / Suri Mi Union
04. Otakara Get
05. Reform 06.
Otakara Combined
07. Turtur
08. Shokai Exciting News / Kumasan Shokai
09. In Filtration / MOF8
10. Gale and Wave Kachi Condor / Surimi Union
11. Reversal of Destiny Rollington / Surimi Union
12. Kumasan Appears / Kumasan Shokai
13. Rocket Launch / Kumasan Shokai
14. Go No. 3! !
15. Request from Kumasan / Kumasan Shokai
16. Shiokara Bushi Three Mix / Surimi Union × Shio Colors
17. Giant Fuzz Ball
18. Shiokaze Star / Shio Colors
19. Alternative Citizen Program M-??: mY dEAR
20. Barbarian shell Sandoku Raku (Now) / Surimi Union
21. Banka Radio (Fest) / Surimi Union
22. Barbara Mix Modern / Surimi Union
23. Fes Theme Announcement / Surimi Union
24. Soak & Stomp / Anglerfish
25. Festival Match Opening / Surimi Union
26. Shoten Puchofinza / Surimi Union
27. Choken Go Ahead / Surimi Union
28. Harukaze and Petrichor / Shiokaraz feat. / Surimi Union
30. Raiseshio Notte Motel / Surimi Union
31. Shinsan Namemanta / Surimi Union
32. High Karashinka '23 / Shio Collars
33. BRAND NEW HOMETOWN ~ Talk about Tomorrow ~ / Shio Collars
34. Fes final result announcement / Surimi Union
35.Splattack! (2021.2.18 PV)
36.Clickbait (Demo Tape) / C-Side
37.Paintscraper (Uotora Demo) / C-Side
38.SE: Splatter
39.SE: Tri Stringer
40.SE : Gym Wiper
41.SE: Ultra Shot
42.SE: Megaphone Laser 5.1ch
43.SE: Energy Stand
44.SE: Crab Tank
45.SE: Hop Sonar
: Gachiasari Goal Opening (Part 1)
47.SE: Gachiasari Goal release (Part 2)
48.SE: Voice (Surimi Union) Festive lines
49.SE: Voice (squid girl) nice/come on
50.SE: Voice (squid boy) nice/come on
51.SE: Voice (octopus girl) nice/come on

52.SE: Voice (octopus boy) nice/come on

[Disc 4]
01. Sinkopated / Backwash
02.Drip Feed / Turf Love
03.Heliocentri City / Wading Room
04.Fuzzy Dazzler / New Shores
05.Blop Bop / Bonfire
06.Gilded Cage / All Swell
07.Dressed to Krill / Coral Kiss
08.Slick Moves / Crevasse
09.Belly Flop / Aquariyum
10.Gillty / Pianissimo
11.Pour It On / Missing Ink
12.Lobby Terminal
14.Nawa Battler Level Selection / Anchobit Games
15.Nawa Battler Deck Selection / Anchobit Games
16.Nawa Battler Main / Anchobit Games
17. Nawa Battler Remaining 3 Turns / Anchobit Games
18. Nawa Battler Result (Win) / Anchobit Games
19. Nawa Battler Result (Lose/Draw) / Anchobit Games
20. Nawa Battler Card List / Anchobit Games
21. Banka Radio (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Union
22. Opening (1st Banka Live)
23. Clickbait (1st Banka Live) )
24. Sea Me Now (1st Banka Live)
25. Barbarian Mix Modern (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Union
26. MC1 (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Union
27. Shoten Puchofinza (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Rengo
28.MC2 (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Rengo
29.Ship Touhou Kachi Condor (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Rengo
30.MC3 (1st Banka Live) / Surimi Rengo x Shio Colors
31. Shiokara Bushi Three Mix (1st Banka Live) Live) / Surimi Union x Shio Colors

Size: Approx. 125 x 143 x 25mm 
: Plastic, Paper, Polycarbonate, Aluminum

It is a design that reproduces the announcement poster of "Banka Live" by the "Surimi Union".
・Size: B2 size (515 x 728mm)